The Last Quest

U sequel of The Lord of the Rings under the form of a homage not wise at all to the masterpiece of J. R. R. Tolkien. The Ring-bearer and his friends must face not only Sauron to save the Middle-Earth but others weird creatures as Dracula or Feudenfer. However they will be helped by some unexpected heros as Indiana Jones or Alice.
But for this Last Quest, won’t the cost be too high for Frodo and the members of the ancient Fellowship of the Ring?

Irina Drozd

Chapter -1 :

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Chapter 0 : Prologue
Somewhere a professionnal killer slays a man who was reading The Lord of the Rings, and that book seems to upset the killer.
Somewhere else, a man try to kill a child, but is he really a man ?
Next chapter published on 2013-12-13

The Last Quest every friday on this website is a sequel written by a passionate lover of The Lord of the Rings. It is a tribute in 54 chapters and 4 appendices to Mr Tolkien and to some others authors... I wish lot of pleasure to the visitors of this website (if they don't fear cross overs)... Good reading! All the lovers of The Lord of the Rings and all “Tolkienists” who see my work indignantly forgive me, and all the others, just have fun...

To Mireille wherever you are.